What our Customers say...


They were great! Appreciate their professionalism

The whole group were very professional and great to work with. They will make the whole process easy

We had a pipe freeze and burst. Called them to ask how we are supposed to go about drying out the house and if they could come look. They came very quickly to assess damages and start a plan to get everything taken care of. . Thanks SERVPRO!

The crew were very professional. Willingness to work with the customer to meet all my needs. My second time using SERVPRO..and satisfied yet again

To say that this crew is professional, courteous, and worth every penny is a complete understatement. I’m giving the highest of ratings to this company. Steve and his crew were amazing; I’m so glad we chose SERVPRO to clean and improve our home. Customer service is first and foremost with this company; You will not regret choosing them for any service you need taken care of in your home. Thanks again for taking care of us!

Best of the best. We had a house fire and it looks better than before. They cleaned every item plus some. Our house doesn't smell like smoke, and cleaner than ever! It’s been pleasant dealing with the staff, Mike one of the managers is very nice and very professional! I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you SERVPRO. 

I had no idea what SERVPRO was when I had my fire damage to my home, I can't say enough good things about everyone there who took the time to help my family and I.  

I had a fire damage to a utility pole it's nice knowing that SERVPRO could come out anytime to help us get everything in order for us to make our home a home again. 

We had a tornado come through and had damage to our house SERVPRO came out and help board up our home and helped us get the work done that we needed to get our home back together. 

I have been dealing with roof damage from the past year would like to truly say thank you everyone taking the time to help me get everything back in order. 

I can't thank SERVPRO enough for taking the time to come out on the weekend to help us during a difficult time and appreciates everyone. 

Mike and SERVPRO came out and helped us with some recent water damage, made sure all of our questions and concerns were taken care of.

In our area of Minnesota we had been hit with a lot of water which than caused a lot of losses around our area, our home was one of them thanks to SERVPRO for coming and serving our area and helping not only us but others that needed it. Its nice knowing that they will come such a way to help others. 

I have used SERVPRO for the last year with many different projects in the community and each time they have came up with a plan of action to get us taken care of. 

Jim had recent work done by SERVPRO at his commercial apartments it was unfortunate the situation they were in, Jim thought that everyone that came out to help did a wonderful job considering what they had to work with and the conditions everyone was working in.

I recently had a water loss I called SERVPRO I had Mike come out and was on top of everything, he handled everything for me which was very helpful was very pleased with the services and making sure everything was getting done in a timely manner. 

Thank you for sending Kully and Derrick to us. Your company does amazing work. These two guys were excellent, answered all of our questions and followed our wishes when they fit in with what needed to get done at our house. 

My ceiling had severe water damage. SERVPRO was here within an hour. Very cautious with my things and respectful. Highly recommend.

This company truly treats you and your property as family and their own. They care. I can not praise them enough. You can't go wrong with SERVPRO.

SERVPRO is the best in work, friendship and trying to please the customer. I would definitely recommend them to all. 

We had somewhere between 2 and 3 inches of water in our finished basement, thanks to your fast response and professionalism I believe you guys save us big time! 

With everything going on with the city flooding are guys are doing an amazing job! Thank you for you help!

Sarah L

Thank you for the great work and service after all this severe weather! 


Thank you for your prompt response to our call.  SERVPRO of Mason City team were very professional and was impressed with how fast you showed up to help us!

A SERVPRO of Mason City team member stopped earlier today and helped me move a very large branch I couldn't do by myself. I'm glad to see people like these in our community! Thanks again for your help.

SERVPRO of Mason City created an Emergency Ready Plan for New Beginnings of Hope here in Mason City. This plan provides details about the preferred companies we use in any given situation such as a water issue, an electrical issue etc. This includes the preferred contact person with each of those companies, a detailed layout of our building, if there is a key needed for entrance into certain areas of the building and who has keys to those areas.There is an APP available that Steve downloaded onto my phone so if we are away from the office and there is an issue I am able to access all the contact information right on my phone and then be able to relay that to those who need it.

I was so impressed that I am having them do this with our other three buildings as well! In case you are wondering it's a FREE service and totally invaluable! Thank you to Steve and SERVPRO for providing this to us!

Jeannie Kingery

I work at the hospital and remember how good of a job you guys did for us. So I knew I made the right choice by calling SERVPRO right away. Thank you for your quick response and taking care of this for us!

Danette Zook

I had SERVPRO of Mason City out here today to drain our pool.  The two technicians were friendly and professional. They keep me well informed as to what all needed to be done. 

Thanks for doing a great job on an otherwise not great job to be done!

I can't thank you guys enough for coming out right away.  The mold in out laundry room came out of no where! I glad we caught it before it spread any further. thanks again!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of SERVPRO for helping us out yesterday. We had a pipe break which caused major flooding in our building. They were here within 15 minutes and knew what had to be done and got right on it. After removing the water from the floor, they setup fans and dehumidifiers which ran all night. They will be returning this afternoon to assess the situation. All of the SERVPRO staff were very professional and efficient. We would highly recommend them.

Interim Director, Sandy Funk

Thank you SERVPRO! Your team is amazing! We appreciate all that you have done and are doing for us.

Leah Redig

I am very impressed with the professionalism of your employees. I called SERVPRO of Mason City to clean our carpets, not only were they super friendly, he took the time to explain to me what he was using and why.  Our carpets look excellent. 5 stars

My basement looks awesome! Not sure how you took care of all that mold but I am very happy its gone! 

SERVPRO was professional, kind, and quick to respond. Very impressed with their customer service. 

Wow, I haven't seen our carpets this clean since the day we picked them out! Thank you for coming out so quickly! You did an amazing job, thank you so much.

I had no idea air duct cleaning was even a thing! I'm shocked how dirty they were. Even seems as if I have done something magical to eliminate dusting! SERVPRO ROCKS!

My carpets look brand new after SERVPRO of Mason City came in and cleaned them for us. They were very professional and I look forward to having them back every year!!

SERVPRO was quick to respond to meet our needs from the water damage. They have been efficient throughout, checking progress regularly. Thank you

I don't have enough words to thank you for doing this for my entire family! These photos mean the world to us and we thought these memories were lost in the fire. Thank you so much!

SERVPRO was very professional and quick to restore my basement as we were getting ready to sell the house. I couldn't believe they had every thing completed in 6 days! 

From the first phone call all throughout the process your team has been amazing. Our home truly feels as if it never happened.

Thank you for your prompt and efficient service on the basement. It looks great and I'm so glad to have it done!

"They were there and took care of everything from beginning to end. Ryan helped us through all the process of everything. they were very nice to deal with and polite and professional. They never stopped pleasing us throughout everything. They did more for us then we thought they would. They are great to deal and I'm happy I called them!"

They had people here with in an hour after we called. We had just lost our mother and was getting ready to sell the house, when we had a water line burst and just got everything wet. The Techs came in and told us that they are there to take the stress off our shoulders and that they would take care of everything for us. They worked really hard to save as much as they could and they saved all of our custom made bathroom vanities. I don't know what I would do if I didn't call SERVPRO they were fantastic throughout the whole ordeal.

SERVPRO was the best thing that has happened since I had the basement flood. Their workers are very polite, caring and went the extra mile! They were very quick to respond to my call and was at my house in less then two hours! They took good care of me and got the job done quick and let me know what was going on throughout the entire time they were there.

" You all did an incredible work! Thank you so much for the fast response." Bryan Hugeback